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The Precious Gift Of Time

Time is a priceless gift especially when I am facing a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. Living with the disease is part of my daily routine. With the precious time available in my hand, everything is possible. Moreover, I have to wisely use my gift of time in things that matter to me.

Facing the uncertainty of life

I am constantly reminded that my future is unpredictable. Time is important when I do not know how much time is left for me living with an incurable stage 4 lung cancer. My oncologist has told me that my ALK-positive TKI would be able to prolong my life for at least 35 months. Of course, he based the number of months per statistics. I put my faith in going beyond the statistics by following my doctor's orders, loving others, and pushing for self-care.

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Breaking down my time

Good time management has helped me in every area of my life. Much more now that I am living with lung cancer. Mastering my time enables me to make the most of out of every moment I have. I need to manage my time well from waking up to winding down for the day. My day normally breaks down to nutrition, cancer treatment, exercise, self-care, service to others, and family affairs.

Living my present

As a human being I know I have a past, present, and future. I can learn from my past and prepare for the future. But my present is living with lung cancer. It is the space I need to be mindful of what is going on right now and living in the present for the sake of my mental and physical health. Besides, I am in the midst of a pandemic where I am following health measures and the COVID vaccine offers.

Giving my diagnosis time to teach and heal

Getting a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis was one of the most painful experiences I got to face. There was quite heavy feeling of disbelief and fear at that moment. As time goes by I have gained a new and healthier perspective on living with this disease. A choice of living well with the time I am given.

Experiencing peace and joy with time

There are two culprits affecting my peace of mind and joy. I have the tendency to spend time thinking over my past or at times fussing about the future. However, I have realized that by letting go of what I cannot changed instead, and look ahead in the unknown with hope. Moreover, cast fear in my mind so I would feel a lot happier and calmer.

My daily time

I have 24 hours a day to spend while being a patient with lung cancer. Aside from my family affairs and cancer care, I have added time for a number of support groups and writing lung cancer articles.

Time is intangible and once it is gone, it is gone. I have been given a gift of time to do what really matters to me. I will continue to fill my time to love, forgive, serve, and inspire.

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