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Being Positive: Is It Always Good?

I recently came across a video of a cancer patient. It was titled “Toxic Positivity Doesn’t Cure Cancer.” I was curious to hear what she had to say, so I watched it. She started by saying, “toxic positivity does no one any good.” She then stated something like, "don’t tell people in the cancer community, 'oh, think positive because that’s why bad things happen.'" She continued to say it’s ok if we're optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic, but it’s not about positivity. It’s about luck.

As a person with lung cancer, I was confused because how can positivity be toxic? I think we all know that positive thinking doesn’t cure cancer, but for me, it does help me get through living with lung cancer.

Positive thinking and lung cancer

So, it got me thinking. I would like to believe that when people tell me to "stay positive," it’s because they know that the road we’re on is rough. They want us to stay positive in order to deal with some negativity that will head our way.

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We know positivity won't cure our lung cancer!

I think we all know that staying positive isn’t going to cure our cancer, but it does make it easier to deal with the negative energy that we have to encounter on this journey of ours.

Attitudes matter

I feel that your attitude toward yourself, whether you're optimistic or pessimistic, may affect your health. Positive thinking doesn't mean that you ignore unpleasant situations in your life. Positive thinking just means that you approach unpleasant situations in a more positive and productive way. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst.

Positive self-talk

Positive thinking starts with self-talk, and that’s what I do. Some will say affirmations, manifesting your words, and even prayers fall under this because you’re speaking positive words to yourself.

However it’s done, you know it helps you to get through your lung cancer journey. For me, it helps me to deal with my illness on a different level. I know for a fact it’s not going to cure me, but I read before that being negative can affect your health, and I rather think positively to continue to have the strength to fight lung cancer.

Positive thinking helps me cope

So, if having a positive outlook helps me to cope better with stressful situations like lung cancer, it can reduce the harmful health effects of stress on my body, and people tend to live healthier lifestyles. Well, heck, I’m going to have that positive outlook.

We are already going through a lot, and so is our body with treatments. It’s definitely not easy for us. So therefore, if positive thinking helps ease some of the harmful health effects, then I will continue to think positively. I welcome anyone that tells me to stay or think positively.

It's OK to not be OK

I hope that young lady will one day understand that being positive or someone telling you to stay positive is not toxic. They just meant well. I know we all have bad days, and maybe when she made that video, she was having a bad day.

It’s ok to have bad days and be angry. I know I do at times, but I'd rather live a peaceful, positive life than stay in that bad energy.

Sending you all lot of positive energy, be well!

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