Positive Outlooks

Positive outlooks can be viewed in various ways. I can imagine being told you have lung cancer or some debilitating lung-related condition can open an awareness you may not have considered. Having a positive outlook depends on the person, but anyone can pick up ways to move forward in a zen-like life, despite where the chips are in this present day, both good and bad.

The importance of community

One of the great things about this community is the ability to learn from others who have gone through similar obstacles. It is fair to say meeting people where they are is a thing. Oftentimes, people are put in a box of how they should feel when diagnosed.

Strength is not something that forms overnight; it is a process that happens in stages. However, when you see another survivor’s perspective of how they have handled lung cancer by not allowing the disease to direct everything in their life totally, this can be uplifting.

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Staying positive

A positive outlook isn’t just about trying to have joy. Cheer and joy are not always the same.

There is no script to cancer, and you literally have to go with the flow; however, there may be some attributes to consider in making it a better go in accepting your diagnosis.

What comes with it all are scans, infusions, or surgery; there’s a lot to consider and a lot mentally when making decisions in care. A positive outlook can be as subtle as reconsidering adding a wellness plan to your new way of life. A wellness plan can be anything from fitness programs to nutrition counseling and spiritual health.

Fitness programs

If you’ve never considered a fitness program, why not start now? Many physicians now stress the importance of adding some form of physical activity to help the body combat one or another issue that tends to be present with treatment.

Fatigue is an issue many experiences, and the idea of being sick of being tired is real. The openness to restart the engine in feeling good with lung cancer is possible, and everyone is different.

There are many different forms of routines that are fitness-related that a doctor may sign off on, depending on whether or not you have the endurance to do or rebuild your endurance.

Nutrition counseling

Many patients lose their ability to eat the way they used to, and in most cases, this leads to losing weight and muscle mass. Oftentimes, patients think they can handle food intake by doing what they think the body is in need of, which may be any food.

However, the right kinds of foods make a difference. It’s always a good idea to speak with a registered dietician about the best practices to add a new way of eating and eating the food the body craves when in active treatment.

Spiritual health

If you are a person who believes in a higher power, then even your positive outlook when it comes to faith can play a huge part in how you look at your situation and what you feel is necessary to revisit while incorporating your faith in this new journey.

There’s always room for seeking coping techniques while being the best you in the process of figuring this all out.

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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