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Tactics to Persevere

It’s fair to say the courage and strength that is required to face lung cancer can be daunting. The way this cancer tends to spread or getting a late diagnosis means the timing of the essence.

I'm reaching out to you as someone who understands the challenges of being a care partner. It can be quite daunting to navigate through difficult situations when the odds don't seem to be in your favor. There is so much to consider and a lot of uncertainty in real-time.

Though the questions seem unsurmountable it’s the ability to factor in perseverance.

Perseverance in the face of cancer

When the world is truly on your shoulder, somewhere in the depths of hope, perseverance also exists. Though the questions are many and planning and strategy seem overwhelming perseverance sprouts, and so it begins.

Everything that you’re being told may happen all at once, we all tend to go through the full replay in our minds. As mentioned, the questions are many and the who, what, and whys are on autodial.

Once the head-spin settles, it is then time to spring into action and figure out the strategy your oncologist has given you.

Taking strategic steps

How will you proceed now and beyond? Planning this out may be in stages but realizing the steps of what is first and letting everything else fall into their correct order is key.

The initial thought will I have to go through this alone? Do you have family or friends that have you covered?

I met a patient a few years back who had an army of family to walk her through the most important decisions of her life when it came to treatment, and what comes with it. We all know a lot of people, unfortunately, don’t have that network.

Does that mean the tactics stop? Nope. It just means depending on deeper strength and just a tad more.

Tactics to persevere

Tactic 1: Me, myself, and I

Having a support team and a village would work best initially. However, in this case, they are missing for whatever reason, then it’s up to you.

If you do find yourself mustering through this alone know that there are many strangers in similar situations that are here to buddy up on this trek.

Tactic 2: Ask and ye shall find

You may need to be extra vocal in asking for help as well. This can be scary to admit that maybe you can’t do this alone, as there’s so much to do so now what?

Perhaps speaking with your medical team and inquire about some options to consider. The open discussion may lead the door to other resources you may not have considered, as well as routes to getting those needed resources.

Tactic 3: Break time

Yes, even Superman has to take a rest stop, and that is perfectly fine to do so. Today may be your energizer day, but tomorrow you may not want to be bothered with arranging travel to the clinic or prepping a meal after treatment.

The many components part of this conversation are broad, as there are or can be areas you didn’t consider that may take time and energy you may not have.

Tactic 4- What’s up, doc?

Don’t be shy as it’s perfectly fine to have that transparent conversation with your doctor. The conversation may also shed light on whether or not this is the best source of care for you or not.

It’s okay to get a second opinion don’t feel complacent if the situation or the delivery doesn’t fit your gut. You want to be comfortable with your decisions and ensure that you and your doctor are on the same page.

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile when you feel like it

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