And Yet Another Milestone

In February, I got to write about being able to be here to witness my daughter have her first boyfriend. Unfortunately, he has a rigorous football schedule and broke up with her because of the distance. Now, I remember teen love and how it was the most important thing in the world. I felt like my life was over when my high school boyfriend broke up with me.

I've never heard her cry like she did that night. He wants to remain her friend, but I don't want that for her. I want her to gain that wonderful self-confidence back. Either way, this was a milestone.

Milestones I never thought I'd witness

I never thought I would see so much of my daughter's life and help her through the hurtles as any mother would. But, I'm here.

I was able to be here for her when it happened. When she came into my room and begged to go see him because she knew it would fix everything. I hated telling her it wouldn't. He still loves her and they talk all of the time. The distance has just made it too difficult.

Nothing compares to a mother's love

But, he messaged me the week prior with his concerns. I was very blunt and told him that if he didn't see a future with my daughter, break up with her. Don't let her fall even more for you. He messaged back that I was right and he loved her very much and couldn't let her go. But as with all teens, it changed in a week.

Being the mama bear that I almost wanted to rip his head off. But I guess that's what goes with the territory. The emotions I felt for her were probably worse than she felt. A mother's love is so great, nothing can compare.

The first heartbreak is the hardest

This may not have been the best milestone to handle, but it was one I wanted to be here for. The broken heart. I let her lay in her room by herself (I do the same when I'm sad) and basically had to force-feed her. She has some amazing friends too. One jokingly said, "Break up diets are the best, girl you're gonna be so hot when school starts back." But they do text me to check on her and have been bringing her Starbucks.

Her eyes have been so red and puffy. She's been constantly crying. But, I'm hoping she will come out of this funk soon. I remember high school and everything small seemed so big. And it's summer. But this world health crisis is putting a damper on things. She hasn't been able to do as much because of my health.

My daughter and I are there for each other

On another note, my boyfriend and I of 2 years broke up. It's okay though. We are better off friends. It's hard dating someone with lung cancer or probably cancer period. It feels as if your confidence level totally changes and you can't be that same person you used to be.

So, now mother and daughter are single. I think that makes her feel a bit better. And, although I didn't want to see the hurt, I was so happy I could be here for it. To talk to her and reassure her that others will come along. I like being by myself.

Plan for those milestone moments

At this point, I just want to thank God for keeping me alive for so long. I'm still working on my purpose and I guess I'll know when I get there. One thing I've learned is that doctors do not have the final say.

So prepare for those milestones just in case. Go ahead and plan. And encourage every chance you get.

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