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Cancer Maturity: Navigating The Highs and Lows

I would like to think within time people affected with cancer go through a process of development and that can run its course anywhere from acceptance to tolerance. The words “You have cancer” usually is a hard curveball to settle and sometimes how a person handles this happens in stages. Though the word maturity can describe where you may be with your cancer within that concrete or survival curve; it can also address where you are in your reception of what is happening.

Reality hitting in real-time...

Sometimes how we think we’d react if the worst news like “You have cancer” to what really happens in real-time; in actuality, it’s a whole different reaction. Oftentimes that power and in control move of “I can do this; I’ll just do whatever I need to do in beating this”.

It sounds great when saying it but that hits the core in really believing that in the beginning. It takes a lot of effort to convince oneself that you truly have this and can do this. The shoe always looks different on the end when you don’t have to prepare for what now comes ahead.

The middle ground

So the latter has set in, now how to cope with what is happening and that usually involves powerful medications to wrap around the predicament. Sometimes the steps that are taken to control the cancer work and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the journey is a long and stressful one, but in time the middle in accepting that, this indeed is the new normal.

The new normal may be different, hence the name, but though there are now added loops and curves to a once-normal life; it still calls for living and doing but with an unwanted partner. This is the middle stage of cancer when you understand what this is about and what it now calls for.

Reaching a high point

This is where the peak in the curve has been set with "this is what it is". You still walk the dog, pay your bills, and go in for treatment. You may have had a run of this for many years now, and it just is. Many people want to get to this point in moving on, despite not really moving on.

As the reminder is always there, whether constant infusions, scans, and what usually has occurred over time because of cancer; yet life has gone on and you’ve grown from this and made some form of clarity with where you’re at in this time and moment.

It is okay to hit a slump

Yes, sometimes there’s that downfall but you knew it would come, and who knows you may have had similar instances over time. Whether the numbers are going up or things are not looking too hopeful. The difference here is that you’ve matured and understood the assignment of the cycle.

The cycle will include a spectrum of lows and highs, good and bad, remission and active. Remember, you are capable, strong, and continuing to understand what embracing life is truly about.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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