The Mantras of Lung Cancer

Many people with lung cancer have found that the journey gets easier when they find a quote, motto, or mantra they connect with. Repeating these words every day can bring a sense of strength, peace, or inspiration they need to keep going.

To learn more about which sayings you rely on during hard times, we reached out to our Facebook community and asked folks to fill in the blank -- A quote, motto, or mantra that helps get me through hard days is ______.

We saw responses from 40 members of the community. Here is what was shared.

Live in the moment

Many of you shared that one of the best ways to appreciate life is to live in the moment. For most of us, it takes lots of practice to tune out anxiety and worry about the future. Staying rooting in the present can help us appreciate the flavor of our morning coffee or the colors of the sunset. The little joys can certainly add up to a big, full life.

“Day by day!”

“Live in the moment.”

This too shall pass

We often lose sight of the fact that we have all survived 100 percent of our challenges thus far. Hardships and struggles pass. Several of you shared that your manta focuses on the fact that everything is temporary, including your lung cancer. In that thought, you find peace and the strength to keep fighting.

"This is temporary."

“This too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day.”

Each day is a gift

How we view each day is a choice. We can be upset about what we do not have or sad that we are not feeling 100 percent well every day. Or, we can choose to be grateful for the good things and appreciate happiness as it comes. Many of you shared that you rely on mantras that remind you to focus on the positives of each day.

“Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories.”

“Live fully. Find peace.”

“Each day is a gift!”

I am stronger than my cancer

It is common to see cancer as a battle, a fight. Many of you find comfort when you remind yourself that you are stronger than your cancer. You have more fight, more resilience, and more determination than your disease. These are the thoughts that carry you forward.

“I am stronger than my cancer!”

With God, all things are possible

Many of you rely on words that celebrate your faith and belief in God. Faith can give hope and provide the comfort that you are not going through struggles alone. For many, words of affirmation fill you with peace and strength.

“Faith does not make things easy. It makes them possible.”

“With God, all things are possible!”

What quote speaks to you?

Thank you to everyone who answered this prompt. We hope that your words inspire those in the community who are still struggling to find their way.

Keep the conversation going and tell us in the comments what quote, motto, or mantra helps you through hard days.

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