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Virtue Does Not Guarantee Health

A never smoker was fastidious about diet and had an exercise regimen was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at 55 years old. Such healthy choices did not stop me from getting advanced-stage lung cancer. We have the ability to make healthy choices and still face illness.

Here are common healthy choices most people strive to do.

Strive for good food

We go all out to eat perfectly especially before diagnosis. The food groups have always been incorporated into each meal and snack. But having lung cancer makes you push yourself to have a more balanced diet during the treatment. As soon as side effects kick in your diet changes according to the impact for improvement.

Strive for rest

We live in a busy world. There are enormous information highways we navigate each day. We are controlled by social media. Greater information is accessible with just a click or a command to a computer. Hence, it brings greater influence on how we view rest in our everyday lives. There are more distractions on getting the right amount of rest and sleep. Self-control is a must to attain good rest for your body. When my body says rest, I give in.

Strive for movement

Some have disabilities and some can still move freely after diagnosis. The aftermath of lung cancer drives the body to weaken or sometimes limit our mobility. But there are those of us who are fortunate that we can enjoy and walk through the beauty of nature. We move our bodies for good blood circulation and build strong muscles. Exercise becomes part of our routine to be physically and mentally fit. When I am weak my body shouts it is time to move.

Choose relationships that support us

After diagnosis, we should strive to connect with our support system. We rightfully choose those who deeply care for us. There is a longing for encouragement and hope to live life to the fullest together with the people who care and love us. Moreover, some of our gratitude goes to our health caregivers that help us in our lung cancer treatment and monitoring. I have been blessed with great supporters.

Seek appropriate mental health care

A lung cancer journey brings stress and anxiety to oneself. You are jumping back and forth from a sound mind to a depressed mind. Uncertainties pound you all the time. Thus, there is a tendency you are pushed to one side and unable to fight. But I have to have strong hope and gratitude every morning that I can get up and fill the day with good things.

There is a belief that good choice leads to good outcomes. If we struggle with health challenges, like lung cancer, we have the tendency to believe that we have not made good health choices. But bear in mind those healthy choices do not guarantee our health. Health is a goal, a privilege, and a gift.

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