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Life...It Can Change Faster Than You Expect

Last night my friend Jessica and I were talking about my cancer. She couldn't understand how I was handling things so well. I told her the story my oncologist told me. When I was first diagnosed, I asked what the worst-case scenario was. He immediately answered, "you walk outside and get hit by a bus". I'll never forget him saying that. It put so much in perspective.

"Live Life Now"

People tend to run from cancer patients. But why? We are all going to die one day. And getting hit by a bus would be quicker. So you don't know what tomorrow holds, or even tonight. There is just the here and now. And that's what you should be focused on.

Like my friend Nicole always said, "Live Life Now". Putting off things that show you care or love someone shouldn't be put off until tomorrow. Unfortunately, Nicole passed away a few years ago. But she lived her life to the fullest.

A tragic accident...

Even if you do that, life can change in an instant. Remember me mentioning I could walk out and get hit by a bus? Well, my cousin's son was in the rear of a vehicle in Atlanta. The light turned green for him and his driver decided to go. Well, this just reminded me to teach Karley to look both ways, even when the light is green, because someone may not stop.

In an instant, the driver put his foot on the gas pedal, a MARTA transit bus happened to run the red light. Had the driver looked, he probably would've seen it. But he didn't. It's so important to teach your children this when they learn to drive. I didn't think about it until this happened.

Never ask about the worst-case scenario

They all happened to be in downtown Atlanta. Essentially the transit t-boned their car. It reminds me of the day my oncologist told me, "You could walk outside and get hit by a bus". I didn't. He is a freshman at West Georgia and nearly could have had his life taken away that instant. That one moment in time. Grady Memorial, one of Atlanta's level one trauma center took them in. The bus hit towards the rear of the car. God must've been watching out for them because I don't know how they survived.

I think back to that day in the hospital when I first found out my diagnosis. Never ask the worst-case scenario. It may not be what you think. I'm sure they didn't think they would actually get hit by a bus. Does anyone really think that? Or do they think at all that today could be their last? They don't. I nearly outlived my cousin's 18 year old son. So why do we believe we are all invincible? We aren't. And to live with this logic could be detrimental.

Bad things happen to good people too often

When I think back about the stupid things I did in high school, it makes me so grateful I've lived this long. Some people don't have that opportunity. I know plenty of readers don't understand my way of thinking about death. And I'm sorry, but bad things happen to good people every day.

While at Grady, they were afraid he was bleeding internally. They ran every test in the world. Thankfully it was just fluid and not internal bleeding. He finally got out of the hospital. He wanted to go back to school but my cousin was not kosher with that. She knew the pain would set in when the medication and pure adrenaline wore off. She was correct.

Keep looking for those silver linings

He is in a ton of pain now. I advised her to get in touch with his school and send them the information because he could be out the entire semester. But, the college will still hold his place. Silver linings. They are everywhere. You just have to find them.

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