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LC Hope Rocks – Join The Movement

#LCHOPEROCKS join the movement. Have you ever heard of painting rocks? It is the newest craze. For whatever cause you can think of, there is probably a painting rocks group.

For those of us with lung cancer, we know the statistics. We know it is brutal and can affect anyone. Smokers. Non-smokers. People who breathe! Being a lung cancer survivor is hard. It takes a lot of work just to get through our day. So, how about a bit of relaxation and help spread the word about lung cancer?

Painting rocks is the perfect activity to help us relax and help us become advocates so more people are aware that all you need are lungs to get lung cancer. Luckily, the cost is minimal. Just go out and try and find as many “flat” rocks as you can. Help us spread awareness of this horrible disease.

Join the Rock Painting Craze

Your shopping list should include:  Rust-Oleum spray paint, colored Sharpies, and Rust-Oleum gloss sealer spray.

Wash your rocks. Get any and all dirt off them and then set them outside in the sun to dry COMPLETELY. Spray both sides with your base color spray paint. Keep in mind, if you use a light colored base, you can use virtually any color Sharpie to write on it. If you use a dark colored base, you need to find light colored Sharpies. Allow to dry completely. Then let your imagination run wild. To help give you ideas, go to #LCHOPEROCKS Facebook page.

Find your Creative Side

Write whatever you’d like on each rock. Draw pictures. Do remember not to include private information but some ideas on what to write may be:

  • Diagnosis date
  • Years of survivorship
  • Words of encouragement – HOPE, BELIEVE, FAITH, BREATHE, etc.
  • Put #LCROCKS OR #LCHOPEROCKS on the back

The ideas are endless. Then go lay your rocks in a visible spot. I have heard some survivors actually put Facebook: LCHOPEROCKS with the hopes that in the future someone will find the rock and upload a picture on the Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

And finally, leave your rocks all around town. Outside in a park. Inside your cancer center. If you want to leave some outside, maybe try a glow in the dark base color. Be creative.

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