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A man juggling many hats for different professions

Jack of Most Trades: Appreciating My Unique Passions

I'm not sure what's been going on with me lately.  I've wanted to help every person that's crossed my path.  Of course, the strokes haven't helped since I still spread myself way too thin with all of my passions.  I mean, most days, I feel I can take on the world.  On other days, I just want to give up.  My daughter Karley is beginning to think I don't finish anything I start.

Selling antiques

I recently opened an antique booth in Brunswick, GA.  I've been working in the shop for a bit and learning as much as I can about antiques.  The owners are amazing and have been showing me so much, and although I don't get paid, the lessons I've learned from the owners and customers are invaluable.

I get to use my hands

Knowledge is so much greater than a measly paycheck.  That being said, I also purchase real wooden furniture from the marketplace to fix up.  The farmhouse style has recently been popular, so I've been doing quite a few of those. I also found a storage container from the mid-century and am making it super colorful, with turquoise flowers and a cream body.

It's exciting to find rarities

Since it is an antique store, I finally found some hurricane lamps today.  People were coming in all last week asking for them.  It was strange because people don't usually purchase those anymore.  I woke up early for a yard sale today and bought two.  I've been scrubbing at the rust all afternoon.  It is literally caked on.  I can't begin to guess how old they are, but I almost want to keep them.

I don't do it because I'm good at it - I do it because I love it!

That is one of the biggest problems I have when it comes to antiquing.  I'm truly awful at it.  Once I pick up the item and restore or refinish it, I just want to keep it for myself.  Although I'm trying to begin cleaning my house out since I'm moving in a year, the thrill of finding some crazy exclusive purchase comes up, and I spend hours searching in the store.

The booth rental is $150 a month.  So, to break even, I must make that amount plus the purchase price of anything I resale.  All my sales go to paying my cancer bills since I'm still paying on the stroke from 2020.

Antiquing fuels my other passions

However, these are not numbers I stare at all day to make a living.  It's a desirable way to supplement my income.  I've always loved to paint.  Now, I can buy items and make new creations out of them.  Bringing these vintage and antique items into a new life/realm is uniquely satisfying.

It's something deep inside

I believe I have discovered a passion that has long since been stirring inside, waiting for the right opportunity to break into my soul.  Both that and business management consulting are two of my favorite careers.

Another passion, sticking up for others

I can sit in restaurants or hotels these days and get frustrated if a waitress gets double sat.  I've heard a few people yell at their server.  Most of you know I have no filter, and I deliberately want to make my voice heard.  So, when the server walks away, I turn into a total smarta** with the bothersome table.  My daughter loves when I do this!  Joking...I think she wants to crawl under the table.

Learning the important lessons

Everyone should have to work in the hospitality industry or at restaurants before graduating.  Not only will it wake these kids up to how good they have it.  But, it will also teach respect, even when you don't think it's deserved.

Not only does it teach humility, but also a certain kindness so few have these days.  In reality, those guests may be your bosses in a few short years.  You have to learn to put up with them, or go to college and get a different job.  Some would not last a day in the hospitality industry.  You need to have people skills, which they don't teach in college.

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