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Interviews, Surveys, & Patient Research

As a new lung cancer patient, you will soon discover many Facebook groups or pages with other survivors. Along the way, sometimes another member may post an opportunity for an interview, survey, or other patient research opportunity. Many new members are skeptical about these and have questions such as ‘who is this’, ‘what do they want to know’, ‘what information do I have to give’, etc.

Sharing my experience & opinion

I can certainly understand these feelings. But during my nearly four-year journey with lung cancer, I have found numerous third-party research firms and participated in their surveys. I have, in return, received as little as $100 for an hour-long video conference to $500 for an in-person interview. Not only am I helping the future of lung cancer, but I’m also helping with research and I’m getting money! All of us on disability know what a lifesaver this can be.

The purpose of these opportunities ranges. Most of them are a third-party research firm doing market research for a pharmaceutical company. Usually, the drug is not even on the market yet. A typical interview consists of an interviewer showing me screens with either pictures or words/summaries of information and all they want to know is my reaction to it. What I like and what I don’t like.

Hearing from the community

Almost every one of these I have done, I have provided my name, phone, address, and email address. This information is needed to provide you your “honorarium”, which is payment for participation.  And, as well, almost every one, the interviewer tells me that my personal information is not provided to the pharmaceutical companies. They also ask that as I answer questions, that I not provide my healthcare facility or my physician’s name. It must be anonymous.

Another opportunity you will soon find is that as you get to know the people that work with the market research team, they may email you and ask if you know anyone who is, for example, stage III and has not had chemo. For each person you refer and participates, you will receive compensation, usually $50.

There truly is not a reason to not participate in these. If there is ever a question you are not comfortable with, you are always able to say ‘I’d rather not answer that question’. Some of the websites and organizations I’ve worked with are: What Next?, Pillar Associates, Schlessinger Associates and several others.  Note:  What Next? usually sends the screening email and if you qualify, then the market research team will contact you.

Happy interviewing, surveying, and helping with patient research.

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