Holidays at My House

I have always enjoyed the holidays. I love the food for Thanksgiving. Yum, all that delicious food and pies. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. What would Thanksgiving be without beginning it with watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Always enjoying football games playing on TV and everyone rooting for their team

Our family tradition

Thanksgiving the ladies would look through the sales papers planning out which stores we would hit come Friday morning. I am telling my age because nowadays it’s online ads and shopping Thanksgiving Day. Very different, but I still enjoy it. One of my favorite parts is the crowds of people all lined up waiting to get the sale items. Yes! I am one of those in line. If not in line I am in the store so I can feel the excitement. A little more cautious now with a compromised immune system. Sanitizing is a must! Washing hands often, but never letting cancer control my life.

Another tradition is going to see the Live Nativity in Town, petting the camels and other animals. We enjoy music, carriage rides, and drinking hot chocolate.

Family is the best gift

To me, and I am sure to most, family is the most important gift of all gifts. With a cancer diagnosis, they have become even more valuable. Every second that I am able to see them or talk with them is a treasured gift. When I was diagnosed in November of 2015 I wanted my family next to me always. I wanted to just hear them talking and laughing even if I was just sitting in the next room.

Christmas around my house has always been focused on watching my kids' faces light up when they would come down that morning and see the gifts under the tree. Baking on Christmas Eve, making cookies for Santa and decorating the house. Listening to Christmas music throughout the day. Watching Christmas movies, new and old. It’s the same now with kids and grandchildren.

One tradition has carried on since I was a small child in the ’60s. It was originally called Rich's and later became Macy’s. Riding the Pink Pig it would circle the top of the Rich’s building in downtown Atlanta and the great tree. Many years later was moved to Lenox and still on top of now Macy’s but in a tent. My kids were taken every year and now we take the grandchildren.

Adding some spark this Christmas

This year I am changing it up a bit and decided to travel for Christmas. Realizing no one is promised tomorrow, I said, "let’s travel a little." A gift of memories. See places we’ve not seen. So instead of all material gifts, one gift is going to be Christmas in New York and site seeing. Why not?

When I was first diagnosed I was terrified of making plans. My husband planned a little getaway which was great and needed, but I cried from terror that I wouldn’t live to make the trip. No more fear, it robs you of your deserved happiness. When fear strikes, I pray and breathe deep. Enjoy the moment.

What traditions do you have?

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