What Is Within My Control

Even before I found out I had lung cancer, there were many things I couldn't have prevented. The addition and persistence of cancer only make matters worse.

Navigating life's challenges

One of my priorities now more than ever is to always fix my eyes on what is within my control. As a result, I have inner peace and greater joy. My cancer treatment and other medical conditions will be in my midst and under my attention.

My daily job is how to make use of the energy I have each day. I can exercise, go outdoors, bake, and cook when my energy level is high. A better energy level enables me to do activities I enjoy and love, especially writing articles about my lung cancer journey.

Being a patient with an advanced stage and no cure at hand, there are days my energy level goes low. When that happens, I give my body rest and get good nutrition. I slow down by listening to encouraging music or reading online write-ups.

Confronting the unpredictable

Cancer cells sneak out like a beast. It may spread or remain in one spot.

My great challenge while living with lung cancer is to gauge what part of the challenges or uncertainties I can control. There is a list of side effects I need to watch out for.

My communication with my cancer care team is a priority more than ever. They are knowledgeable to monitor and treat.

I have put my treatment and medical appointments as my top priorities. Being out of my work routine, I have my free time divided between writing lung cancer articles, doing exercise, choosing good nutrition, and making new friendships in the lung cancer world.

One thing my TKI has done, though, is to control my lung cancer and my metastasis to the brain. My first goal as a patient living with lung cancer is to do self-care. Thus, I am able to go to my medical appointments and complete my scans.

Secondly, organizing my daily routine and keep track of my appointments. This leads to a less chaotic life.

Balancing family time and health challenges

Another goal is to spend quality time with my loved ones, especially my grandson and children. We get together on weekends or special occasions.

Our family has dinner traditions during New Year’s Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

My side effects are here to stay, namely anemia, weight gain, and high blood sugar. My body has never stopped adjusting to my treatment. I could sense wackiness inside of me.

It is even more overwhelming to have strict nutrition guides and medication to control these side effects. My thoughts and action should jive to gain improvement.

Constantly, there is a battle deep inside of me, putting struggle in choosing to give up or be hopeful. The brain listens to the inner voice. Should I say press on?

For me, there is no room for giving up. Until I have breath and God has given me the energy to move, my time is precious, and I live on for my loved ones.

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