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We're Headed to Disney!

As a child, I never dreamed of going to Disney. We were not short on vacations; Disney just was not one of them. Fast forward to my sister having her first son a year after my diagnosis. In 2017 we traveled as much as our pocketbooks allowed us. Now my sister’s son is 7, a YouTube viewer, and because of this, he is determined to go to Disney. So, we decided last year that 2023 would be the year to go to Disney.

It will be my sister, the two boys, and myself. I spoke with a friend, and she helped me book the trip as well as all the little things that go into planning a Disney vacation. As we all know, cancer is not cheap, so I am not able to pay for the trip in full. We opted for the payment plan, which was super helpful.

Time to pack

What should I pack for Disney? I lead a fairly normal life. I have a bunch of pills that I will need to pack, but I am not leashed to an oxygen machine.

If you are, here is a helpful article about how to travel with oxygen.

Keeping pills in what they came in!

It is always best to travel with your pills in the original containers, especially if it is international travel. Since we are only going to Disney, I will take most of my pills in my pill case, but I will take my cancer drugs in their original bottles. Just to be safe. I am not taking any pain meds right now, but if I were, I would also have those in the original bottles.

Ask for help at the airport

Air travel after a cancer diagnosis can be challenging. I do remember while I was traveling that it was hard for me to navigate in the airport. My sister pushed me around in a wheelchair. There are also people that work for the airport that can help you. Just make sure to tip!

If you are lifted to the gate via the airport staff, then you will be able to get onto the plane during early boarding. Try not to abuse this if you can. If you need extra time but not a wheelchair, those accommodations can be made as well.

Having things to look forward to

One of my biggest tips as a cancer survivor is to always have something planned to look forward to. We have been looking forward to this trip for almost a year! When you are first diagnosed, you may not be able to plan a trip mentally, emotionally, or physically to Disney.

Be patient, do what you can

What you can do is figure out what makes you happy and plan that. Go to lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, go on a shopping spree (within the budget, of course!), or plan to take some time for yourself away from doctor’s appointments and the other people you do not want to see.

Wish us luck, and let me know in the comments about your travel experience, whether to Disney or another dream destination!

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