Cultivating Joy Constantly

Everyone wants to be happy, even the people living with lung cancer. But it is not always easy, especially on my part.

I have realized it is a never-ending cultivating a lifestyle of joy. There are diverse ways to find joy.

Having the right attitude in everything remains the ultimate giver of peace. Once joy conquers my heart, it radiates so much that people notice.

Looking for the silver lining

As a person with a stage 4 illness, I am under surveillance for side effects of my targeted therapy that are harming my body and undergo timely scans to make sure my tumor is not growing and spreading.

My life constantly has so much unwelcome news. I always have the choice to be stressed, anxious, or live an excellent quality of life. My constant choice is to find ways to have a good life despite the struggles.

You might ask what I have done as I live with lung cancer. I establish good habits or routines every day to make myself feel better. My daily routine includes a good diet, less strenuous exercise, my favorite hobby of writing, listening to music, and fellowship with lung cancer friends. Doing the things that you love boosts energy level and inner spirit.

I have a second chance to live with an incurable condition, and my perspective has changed. I want to enjoy life more by spending more time with my loved ones.

Pursuing and achieving goals

One of my goals is to travel more. "To live is to travel" is my motto more than ever now.

As COVID is declining, traveling has returned to my family. I am grateful that I could travel with my family cautiously but still wear a mask indoors and in crowded places.

At my first diagnosis, my emotions went wild like a roller coaster. As years pass, I tend to accept what is happening in my life.

There are common feelings while living with an illness, like anxiety, distress, sadness, anger, and depression. It is fine feeling ill, but I remind myself to express my feelings more just to let go of them. Sometimes, talking to a support group, a trusted friend, a church group, or a family member can sort out my feelings.

Finding purpose and joy

Giving back is another way to have more purpose in life. I support fundraisers for worthy causes or those that are relevant to lung cancer research.

Part of my routine is to author articles of hope for people living with lung cancer. It is my joy that I have the opportunity to contribute as a form of published writing.

My mind finds rest when I spend time outdoors. I notice my breathing is better. Secondly, it is an escape from technology gadgets.

Best of all, it has improved my sleep and motivated me to exercise. When the air quality and weather are fine, even just a few minutes outside my backyard is all I need to improve my mood.

My faith in God has remained stronger than ever. He gives me the strength and the will to live even with a medical condition. The family, friends, and church group he has blessed me with have been my great support and joy throughout my lung cancer journey.

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