Chemo Cranium Challenge

Are you a supporter of medical marijuana? Are you on the fence about it? Or, are you dead set against it? If you are dead set against it, please keep an open mind and continue reading. If you are unable to keep an open mind, then maybe this is where you should stop reading. If you are on the fence about it, definitely read on. If you are a supporter of it, you will understand.

Let's talk about medical marijuana

Have I used marijuana recreationally? Yes. Is there anyone who hasn’t when they were young? Maybe a few, but I don’t know many people that have never tried it. I’m sure there are several people that would never admit to it, but they’ve tried it. Do I think medical use of marijuana should be available to anyone going through what I’m going through? You bet your ass I do. Here’s why...

After all the pain and discomfort...

As of today, I’ve had 3 rounds of Taxotere. My first round I faced severe bone pain, severe abdominal pain, severe finger pain, severe head tingling, severe fatigue. The pain lasted for about 8 days before I started feeling better. Just when I finally felt 100% it was time to go back. I have always had a high tolerance for pain and discomfort -- I’m a mom. I was a stay-at-home mom for 24 years! We learn to push through when we don’t feel good. All moms do -- you know what I mean.

I have discussed the use of marijuana with my doctor. Believe it or not, she supports its use as a supplement. I cannot smoke it. I have lung cancer. I cannot (and will not) smoke ANYTHING. I cannot vape it either. I have lung cancer! I can, however, eat edibles. Round 2 I did. And I plan to this round.

My second round I was more prepared for what was to come. More severe bone pain, more severe finger pain, severe head tingling, severe fatigue. The difference? I used my edibles. Is it possible I just did not care that I was in pain because of my herbal edibles? Or was it the edible. I use a 1:1 ratio of CBD with THC. I’ve done a lot of research, that’s an entirely different article.

My quality of life has become so much better

I want to describe to you why I used edibles. I felt BETTER. I could eat. The first round I struggled with food smelling and tasting like metal. Round 2 with the edibles, I had more energy. I didn’t just lay on the couch and watch the world go by. I wanted to participate in life more. I’m a believer because I didn’t need to use any pain pills the second round. I used quite a few of them the first round.

I have thought long and hard about whether I should share this with you. But you know what? I have been completely honest about my journey from day one. Why stop now? So, I ask you, what would you do? If you were able to legally purchase medical edibles in a legal facility, would you? If you were able to be in the safety and comfort of your own home, and safely use a product (that is now legal in my state) that made you feel better and reduces your pain, why wouldn’t you?

I am already not driving -- chemo brain has convinced me I’m too easily distracted to drive more than a block or two. Adding edibles to my diet? I know, I'm already a ditz because of chemo brain.

It's about finding what works for you

There we have the cranium challenge; I know I am going to feel like crap, BUT I know it is only temporary. I must take the next few days to focus on the fact that I feel better and not worry about the next chemo day. Enjoy the moment! Use my edibles without shame. Use them proudly and productively!

Cancer beats our bodies up. It ages us. It creates self-doubt. Cancer brings with it a lot of mental games. I must find positivity. During the chemo and for about a week following, give or take a few days, I am so sick, I vow I do not want to do it anymore. Then after about 8 days, I start to feel better. A never-ending cycle while in treatment. Not to mention all the questions I find myself asking -- the most important one, is it working?

My outlook on treatments have changed

I am prepared for the next few days, the toughest days with my herbal edibles. They helped me immensely last round. Thank goodness it is legal now here in Ohio. It is expensive but worth every penny. I use edibles exclusively. Peanut butter cookies and fudge to be specific. It changed everything. My second round was way easier to handle than the first round. I am a (new) believer in herbal supplements as a coping tool, possibly a healing tool as well. Be sure to talk to your doctor before using medical marijuana for the first time.

Editor’s Note: We are extremely saddened to say that on May 7, 2021, Ronda Beaty passed away. Ronda’s advocacy efforts and writings continue to reach many. She will be deeply missed.

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