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Celebration cake with sprinkles and a smiling I Heart Guts © lung cake topper

Celebrating 5 Years Post Diagnosis with Lulu the Lung

For my five year cancerversary, a friend of mine gave me the best present ever — a “plush” lung made by a company called I Heart Guts. I immediately fell in love with this lap-sized pink and blue lung and named her Lulu. I mean, how can you not fall in love with a lung wearing a smiley face that has a tag which says “I Lung You”?

While captivating and fun, my new gift also came with some information about how lungs help you to breathe and a diagram showing how the lungs work together with the heart. Adorable AND educational! The accompanying booklet had pictures of at least 50 other organs and body parts that also are made by the same company.

Bringing Lulu to Curacao

I was leaving the next day for our long-awaited family winter break trip to Curacao in the Caribbean and I decided to take Lulu with me. I wasn’t sure why I packed her at the time, but I just know that I didn’t feel right leaving her at home with my five year cancerversary coming up just a few days later.

While flying to Curacao, I spent some time thinking about milestones and how important I feel they are to recognize. I decided that I would “debut” Lulu the Lung on December 26, 2018, the five year anniversary of my diagnosis, and create a hashtag for her called #LuluTheLung.

Celebrating 5 Years

Creating a symbol for lung cancer awareness

As a lung cancer survivor, I often feel that we suffer from a lack of awareness that everyone who has lungs can get lung cancer. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could create an immediately recognizable symbol of living with lung cancer? Think about how pink ribbons (and many other pink items) always remind everyone of breast cancer. Well, lung cancer needs something too in order to stop being the “invisible” cancer! Lulu could be this symbol.

I travel a good deal, mostly related to lung cancer advocacy, so I have decided to post pictures of myself with Lulu when I go places in order to increase awareness. I would love it if other lung cancer survivors and caregivers would do the same thing. No need to travel anywhere exotic; Lulu could go with you to the park or grocery store!

Get your own Lulu the Lung

If you are interested in joining me in this awareness campaign, you can get your own Lulu (or Louie) here. There are also many other lung products, such as stickers, lapel pins, and key chains. Just don’t forget to post pictures on social media and use the hashtag #LuluTheLung!

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