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I had successful radiation treatment for prostate cancer that ended 7-27-19,i think of myself as a prostate cancer survivor-i was high risk-had annual tests done since i was 40, than 2x year at 50,i had mri s,had 4 biopsies- I did everything by the book so when i was told i had cancer it was caught early and i share that story because if its caught early we have better options-but too many men dont get checked and i focus on that

I dont feel the same way about my lung cancer-it was pure chance-went to urgent care thinking i had covid and they found a lung nodule- we watched it for 18 months,it changed color and got more dense so i had a biopsy 6-2-21-Vats surgery and a lobectomy-never smoked so no early detection for me-wish there was as--hopefully one day

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing. Sometimes you never know how this cancer thing can go. I'm happy everything has worked well on your treatment for prostate cancer. Though your recent lung cancer diagnosis, I hope everything turns out well. Wishing you the very best!

    1. Hi . I think you definitely hit on a topic that hits home for many in the community - the lack of coherent screening protocols when it comes to lung cancer. On a side note, I want to let you know that if you ever have remaining prostate cancer related issues or questions we have a sister-site for it at Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

      1. Thank you-no prostate issues post radiation, went to urologist friday-when i was diagnosed had 2 samples out of 12 that were cancerous-so it was not wide spread, my Gleason score was a 6 so not very aggressive and caught early,I m a big advocate for early detection-more men need to do that-early means better options and early means 99% success rate, that whats I find so frustrating about lung cancer
        my grandfather died of prostate cancer in 1978-at the time no treament,no cure, all they could do was keep the patient comfortable- so in my lifetime prostate cancer went from a death sentence to a speedbump

    2. It took a year for me to be diagnosed due to the fact that I didn't "fit the image" with the right smoking history to be screened. They have expanded the program recently, still regarding smoking though. Many organizations are working hard to expand the program even more. Glad you were diligent and caught yours while still operable. Wishing you all the best, Alisa, Team

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