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I have found that my sleep habits are off. Sometimes I’m up all day and seems all night before I can go to sleep. When I do go sleep, I will sleep off and on for about two days straight. Do anyone else have bad sleep habits ?

  1. Sometimes my sleep habits are off, but not too bad. Meditation helps me. There are apps and youtubes for sleeping meditations if you want to try. I also take melatonin, but I confirmed with my doctor first. Please feel free to update us and let us know if you are sleeping better and if you found a meditation helpful if you give it a try. It takes a little while to get into the groove of meditation, but it really helped me. Wishing you the best and wishing you good nights' sleep! Warmly, Alisa, Team

    1. Thank You, I have tried Melatonin it does not help. But, I will try some meditation.

      1. I hope it helps, please let us know! ~ Alisa

    2. Perhaps light yoga and meditation before your bedtime will help bring on that slumber.
      Hope these suggestions help. Best!

      1. Thank You 😊

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