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Self-Advocacy in a Lung Cancer Journey

There are many ways to advocate. Especially after a lung cancer diagnosis, self-advocacy can be considered to be one of the most effective forms of advocacy. We would love for you to join this discussion by sharing your thoughts on the following question: What does advocacy mean to you?

  1. To me, self advocacy means using my voice to communicate efficiently and voice my concerns and opinions to my medical care team about my care and needs to effectively treat my lung cancer in a patient centered manner. It also means getting another opinion(s) if something doesn't feel right.
    Advocacy (not for self) means doing the same not just for me, but also advocating for others who are newly diagnosed or who no longer have a voice.

    I consider myself an advocate and a self advocate. ~ Alisa

    1. Advocacy is letting your voice be heard. Educating others about the many causes of Lung cancer and how important research is. Getting involved with support groups online and in your community. Bringing awareness to the importance of the fact Lung Cancer needs more funding and research. Like said advocate for yourself and advocate for others.


      1. Advocacy means keeping my mother's spirit alive. I've been able to learn so much from others, while others have learned from my mom's journey; though I'm a spokesperson I try and share what I think she would be comfortable in others knowing about her brief battle. My promise is to keep the conversation going as it's important and needs extra hands in pushing for additional funding and research.

        1. What kind of advocacy can I do with deteriorating ribs caused by a mass next to my lungs? There are no surgeons that will touch this, meanwhile I am in constant pain. No matter where I look for help on this, it’s always the same.

          1. Advocacy means many things and comes in many different forms. Just by you pushing your doctors for answers is advocating for yourself. I wish there was a magic bullet for your pain, it is so depleting. I'm hoping when you start treatment it reduces the mass and the pain starts to ease up. I don't understand why they are waiting to start your treatment until after your appointment with the psychiatrist. Did they give you a reason?

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