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Resources and Assistance Programs

What resources have you found helpful or do you know of that might help others in the lung cancer community?

  1. I mainly check twitter for scientific papers those doctors read and comments on them. I also pay a lot of attention to my ROS1+ Lung Cancer group to see the current new findings related to my speci

    1. I read medical journals and scientific papers related to and rely a lot on pubmed and discuss my findings with my medical care team. I also discuss everything with my lung cancer survivor family and my EGFR mutation group, a wealth of information.

      1. I think in 2021 there are a variety of resources to consider, with that said it depends on your breakdown of the information that is out there.

        1. I also reach out to other survivors through's Virtual Meetings. You can sign up for the zooms (4 throughout the week to choose from or go to all) on their website. We have great meetings, they are educational and fun. We laugh together and cry together, we become like a family. Always room for more!

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