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Questions about lung cancer

Hi all. My mom has been going through test pet and Ct scans. She has two modules on her lungs and her lymph nodes don’t look too good either. They say it’s all suspicious for cancer. She is scheduled for a biopsy next week but also they scheduled her for an appointment with the oncologist 2 weeks later.
My question would be do they normally do that without an official diagnosis meaning we don’t have the biopsy back yet.
The only thing they have stated is they are suspicious it is cancer but not a definite yet. Thanks in Advance

  1. Last year , my pulmonologist told me that the latest CT showed that my nodule had grown some. Highly unusual as I have had COPD for 8 years. He was following the nodule annually. He wanted me to get a biopsy. I found an oncologist in NYC. I got right in and the following week I had the biopsy. I think I got an appt. for surgery 10 days later. It did turn out to be cancer, but stage 0. I am very lucky because they got it all and the lymph nodes are AOK. No treatments or meds needed. I have followed up with CT scans every 3 months since. If nothing shows up we will go back to the yearly CT scan. In your case, my guess would be that the doctors have seen it all, and feel confident that it most likely is cancer. On the bright side if it isn't, you can just cancel the oncologist appt.

    I wish your Mom the best of luck!!


    1. Hi . It is prudent that the doctor is scheduling your mom for the oncologist now, as getting appointments can be difficult and if it proves necessary then time is not wasted in waiting. There are numerous potential causes for lung nodules, but if there is cancer, as Barbara () illustrated, it is best to catch it as early as possible. Wishing you and your mom the best and please know that this community is here for both of you and feel free to keep us posted and ask additional question. Richard ( Team)

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