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prostrate cancer metastasis of the bones and bad in the lungs

just started Fermogon (Degarelix) therapy for prostrate cancer PSA of 340 to second week of 370.I had radical radiation treatment between c5 c6 and c7 in one spot which stopped pressure on the spinal cord and stopped the pain around neck and arm. Treatment was only for this area as professor wanted the hormone treatment to kick in.I have it in in the bones around lower spine and hip.Lungs are bad and specks on the liver .THE cart is before the horse at the moment I do not see the urologist for another 4 weeks where he will do the biopsy and send results to my professor .Never been in hospital except for a broken arm and never been on medication.Very good diet walk and swim a few times a week.I had 3 supposedly Psa tests unbeknown to me but doctor never informed me that in 2015 the psa was 2.5 and then in 2017 5.6 This should have been a red flag to inform me of the results? I will start chemo therapy fairly soon ..Anyone had similar to me ?life expectancy I would say fairly short?

  1. I have not had a similar situation, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, Stage 3, twenty-two years ago. I had a 15% chance of being alive in 5 years, so I wouldn't go by any life expectancy stats as we are all different and the stats online are not only out of date usually, but do not take individuality into account. Wishing you all the best with your upcoming chemo treatments. Warmly, Alisa, Team

    1. Hi . So sorry to hear about the diagnosis. One of the things I want to stress is that, while your cancer may have metastasized to other places, such as the lungs, it remains prostate cancer and requires treatments specific to that cancer. Besides being a moderator on this site, I happen to be a contributor of research related articles and moderator on our sister-site for prostate cancer at There you will find a community of men who have been where you are and lots of information on treatment options. I also want to stress, like , to not spend too much time focusing on life expectancy stats. Every case is individual, plus there is quite a lag time on those statistics which does not include any advancements in treatment, of which prostate cancer has seen a few. Wishing you the best and hope to see you over at the prostate cancer site. Richard ( Team)

      1. Thank you for kind reply and the link to others .
        Regards Brian

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