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“Potentiating Medications”


My mother was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma EGFR mutant, Exon 19 deletion, TP53, MYC. One primary tumor in the lung, one brain mets 1.2cm and two lymph nodes in the lung same side.

She has been given tarceva and the tumor had shown a reduction. She had already undergone SRT for the brain mets.

After her gene panel arrived, her oncologist started her on statins, celecoxib, doxycycline as they were recommended as “potentiating medications.” For now her feet are slightly swollen and little bit of swelling on her face.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Also her oncologist wants exhaust all targeted therapy options before moving on to immunotherapy as she has a high PD L1 expression. Is this a good idea?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. She is 72 also suffers from aortic stenosis and lumbar spondylosis.


  1. Hello Alisa,

    I am replying to your comment here because for some reason i cannot reply
    To you directly. (The reply tab disappears under your comment)

    Yes, she is being treated at a hospital with designated cancer care facility- AOI- american oncology institute. I have no idea how good they are but thats how the place is advertised.

    She has been taking erlotinib for 3 weeks and inital xrays show a reduction in main tumor. She has also done 3 sessions of SRT for the brain mets. Pet scan will be done in 2 months.

    Her gene panel report suggests tagrisso and also atorvastatin, doxycycline, and celecoxib as “potentiating drugs.” Also IV vitamin C and berberine.

    I spoke to another lady online with about tagrisso. She said as soon as she progressed on tagrisso her oncologist gave her another drug. Never told me what it was. I am hoping its a 4th gen targeted therapy.


    1. Hi @rowand - great questions here - have you shared these questions and concerns with her doctor/care team to see their thoughts? Reactions and plans can vary by person - they may have advice or want to change something from the swelling. And, many find getting a second opinion from another doctor /oncologist if you'd like to feel more certain about next steps. Please keep us updated. Thinking of you. Warmly, Margot, Team

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