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Hi all. My mom has been going through test pet and Ct scans. She has two modules on her lungs and her lymph nodes don’t look too good either. They say it’s all suspicious for cancer. She is scheduled for a biopsy next week but also they scheduled her for an appointment with the oncologist 2 weeks later.

My question would be do they normally do that without an official diagnosis meaning we don’t have the biopsy back yet.

The only thing they have stated is they are suspicious it is cancer but not a definite yet. Thanks in Advance

  1. First, I'm sorry to hear that your mom is experiencing this. I would suspect they knowingly expect cancer and are being proactive with scheduling a specialist. It does seem odd why they're not more transparent about what is happening. If you're getting signs that they may or may not know what they're talking about, then consider getting a second opinion...either way. This is not a cancer to guess maybe or maybe not with. Wishing you the very best!

    Here are a few articles that you may want to review when you have time-

    1. I am so sorry to hear your mom may have lung cancer. These are good questions for your doctor, but in my personal experience and watching many lung cancer webinars with a panel of doctors, they can usually tell right away from a biopsy if it is lung cancer, but it takes a few weeks for all the results of a biopsy to come back, such as any mutations to customize a treatment for her type, etc. The doctor should have explained. It seems the appointment with the oncologist will be around the time all the biopsy results should be back. You and your Mom should ask the doctor to explain things as they go along. Please feel free to follow up with us, we are here for you both! When all the results come back, I can share some pertinent links to articles with you that may help. Thinking of you both ... Warmly, Alisa, LungCancer Team

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