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Newly Diagnosed

I'm newly diagnosed and petrified of my upcoming surgery. The drainage tube seems to be the worst culprit. When I had my biopsi that was the only real pain I had. My surgeon will remove two lobes the top and middle on my right lung. As I said I'm petrified. I have 11grandchildren, three children and there spouses. I have a wonderful husband. I'm not ready to leave so I have to do this. Of coarse knowing I have to do this doesn't make it any easier. Thank u for listening.

  1. Hi ,

    Thank you so much for sharing with us and posting here. We hear you; it is normal to be scared! It is great to hear of your wonderful and supportive family. If you'd like to read others' surgery experiences these links may help as well, though it's important to remember that everyones' experiences are different!

    Additionally, if you do find yourself in pain after the surgery, we always recommend looking into palliative care ( as many find these specialists to be helpful in managing side effects such as pain. More on pain and care after surgery can also be found here:

    When is the surgery? Please keep us updated and let us know how it goes if you'd like to. We are here for you, thinking of you, and wishing you only the best! You are not alone.

    Warmly, Margot, Team Member

    1. I'm new to all this being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in lower left outside of lung with some lymph nodes involved close to area, Ive had one chemo treatment which I was told is very powerful combo of every 3 weeks total of 4 rounds and radiation M-F for seven weeks. Ive went threw the why me stages and to admit its all happening so fast I feel I'm still in shock went to ER first of Feb. because of flu and congestion and had an x-ray which led to and catscan which then an mri and a biopsy. Ive had a Petscan which concluded to my treatment. I know I'm not alone with the cancer I do have but, would love to hear from anyone to just talk to about all information you may have for me any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am 58 and want to be a survivor for many many years to come.

      1. Welcome! There are a lot of perspectives represented here, from many stages and treatment options. I'm sure you'll find some voices you relate to. You might want to begin in the stories section, where you can read about how different patients responded to their various diagnoses and treatments.

        Additionally, when you find an author you like, it is easy to click on that person's name and bring up a bio as well as a list of contributions to the site. But of course, using the search function to find topics of interest is always a great option. There are always areas below the articles to respond or interact. Meanwhile, you've already discovered the forum here and can post questions of your own.

        We look forward to continuing to connect with you!

        All the best,
        Jeffrey, team member

        1. Sending prayers for your process, I'm not quite diagnosed, but the process seems a long wait and the anxiety from having to wait really effects my sleep and life, I also have a Wonderful husband. Best wishes, Thank you for sharing

          1. Waiting for tests and then waiting for results was and is one of the biggest challenges for me. Glad to hear you have a wonderful husband, support makes a big difference. Please keep us updated on how you are doing, we are here to share and support each other! Kindly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

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