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New User, Nervous, Input Appreciated

Hello everyone. I am a 41-year old male and a new user of this forum. I'm hoping someone can give me some input. I am very nervous, pending visit with pulmonologist.

1. For the past few weeks, whenever I take a deep breath, at the END of the breath, I feel a sharp pain in my lungs. Basically middle of my back, off to the left slightly.

2. I should mention I have been smoking about one pack of cigarettes daily for 25-years. For the last year, I also vape, and smoke. Terrible, I know. I picked up vaping to stop smoking, which worked. I quit for about a year using the Blu, which I swear was worse. Either way, I started smoking again, and instead of using the Blu, I switched to regular vape as it was cheaper, where I fill up the tanks. About three tanks daily.

3. Went to urgent care to explain shortness of breath. Doctor listened, said all sounded great. Did a pulse ox, said all is good, lungs are working, something about 98%. Chest x-ray, he didn't see anything. He suggested I go for a ct-scan because I don't complain often and the fact I was having trouble breathing, he was concerned. Wanted to check for a pulmonary embolism.

4. Went for ct-scan, results on the spot, no pulmonary embolism.

5. Two days later, call from someone, found three nodules, one at 6.7MM. Wasn't sure was she was saying, so I said 'are you telling me I have lung cancer', she said 'i don't know, maybe, it's 50/50, go see a pulmonologist.

6. I decided to read the report from the ct-scan and I'm trying to make sense of it. Google is just making things worse for me.

Here are the details, hopefully someone can offer some input.

I appreciate it.

Thank you!

- - - - -

LYMPH NODES: No adenopathy.
PLEURA: No pleural thickening or effusion.
BRONCHI: No bronchial wall thickening. No filling defect.
BONES: Unremarkable.


Series 6, image 38 and 41: Noncalcified nodule along the posterior aspect of the right
major fissure measuring 6.6 mm. This likely represent an intrafissural lymph node. There
is an adjacent smaller noncalcified nodule measuring 3.7 mm. This also is likely an
intrafissural lymph node.

Series 6, image 36: Noncalcified nodule along the right minor fissure measuring.

No CT findings to explain shortness of breath.
No pulmonary embolism.

Three peri-fissural noncalcified nodules along the posterior aspect of the right major
fissure x2 and along the minor fissure x1. These likely represent intrapulmonary lymph
nodes. Recommend management per Fleischner Society Society guidelines, 2019.

  1. Hi , I understand how scary and overwhelming it is waiting to hear if you have lung cancer. Every case is different. Some have nodules that are small and slow growing enough to follow and other nodules need attention right away. There is no way to know for sure without further tests. Do you have an appointment with the pulmonologist yet? If not, may I suggest you find one at a comprehensive cancer center rather than a regional hospital, if possible.

    I hope your doctors can figure out why you are short of breath and what is going on. Please feel free to follow up with us and let us know how it goes, we are here for you.

    I am posting a link below to a page with information on getting diagnosed. I hope you find some useful information.

    Wishing you all the best, Alisa, Team

    1. Hi, Alisa.

      Thank you for responding.

      My appointment with the pulmonologist is this week Thursday. For now, I just found a local pulmonologist that accepts my insurance, which has great reviews. I'll see how it goes and take it from there.

      As far as my breathing pain when taking a deep breath, that has subsided. As of this morning, it was nearly gone. As the day progresses, it gets slightly worse, but overall much better, almost non-noticable, unless I'm thinking about it. It's easier to think about when the pain is so persistant, plus it forces me to take a deep breath each and every time. It's kind of like a canker sore, you can't stop playing with it. Doing that, I just give myself anxiety. 😏

      I'm assuming that's because I completely stopped vaping, down from literally vaping all day, and while I'm trying my best not to smoke regular cigarettes, I am having one daily, but I break it up throughout the day. I hope to stop completely in the coming days, but I was smoking a pack daily, it's not that easy. I am using the Nicorette Lozenges, which surprisingly work.

      I was more wondering about the 'peri-fissural noncalcified nodules'. Based on Google research, whether cancer today, or tomorrow, it's cancer nonetheless, at some point. I sure hope I'm wrong.

      One of my kids is young, she's only four, and while she'd miss me, my ten-year-old, I just don't know, she would be devastated.

      I will report back once I have some more information. Negative or positive, perhaps it can be useful to others in the future.

      Again, thank you for responding.

      - Frank

    2. Frank, I understand! I was a single mom, my twin boys were only 10 when I was diagnosed. I did not know if I would be around for their elementary school graduation, and now they are both college grads and adults (sort of 😀). I was diagnosed 20 years ago, had surgery and chemo (that was all that was available back then). Since then I've had nodules as described in your report, but they have made such minor changes over the years, I have not needed to address them. Many nodules just need to be watched, not all develop fully into cancer. Every case is different and your upcoming tests should help decide what is going on. Please let us know what your pulmonologist suggests as next steps.

      That's great you have cut back so much on smoking and that you even stopped vaping! I know it must be hard, but you are on your way!

  2. Frank ...
    I, too, am recently diagnosed with a probable tumor. 1st visit w/ oncologist is this Tues (Jan 25). The mass (2.2 cm) appears to have spread to upper arm. Ar first I was *very* alarmed I found much comfort in recent forum entries. I wish the best for you.
    Wendell in Texas

    1. I'm glad to hear you found comfort in our members' stories. There are so many positive stories and the treatment advances recently have been amazing, hope is real! Wishing you all the best with your appointment tomorrow, please feel free to update us, we are here to support each other. Warmly, Alisa, Team

  3. I’m doing some research as well. My ct shows non axillary and mediastinal lymph nodes. A lung nodule. Plate atelectasis. It’s nerve racking waiting for answers.

    1. Yes, it can be a trial waiting for clarity in this new experience. I always say there's no harm in researching and gathering those questions to go over with your team. Wishing you the very best!

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