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My Mother is dying and I am too young to help..

Hey guys my name is David and my mother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which she will likely not be surviving. These past two weeks have been some of the toughest of my life trying to balance school work and taking care of my single mother who has nothing. I am using ever outlet I can to raise money for her to have a comfortable ending to her loving life, maybe go on one last vacation or something nice before she can no longer leave her bed. If anyone could please help I am trying all I can. My cashapp is @dowling101 I also have paypal and the email is even a dollar would be helpful <3

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. My sons were very young when I was diagnosed, also a single mom, I understand. Unfortunately, it violates company rules to fundraise and/or give personal information here publicly. I am posting a link below to an article written by our editorial team on financial aid, I hope it helps! Warmly, Alisa, Team

    1. Hi Alisa-
      Wondering if there was any update from dowling101 and his mother ? A diagnosis can be so difficult for kids and he sounds like he’s really trying to be proactive in a situation that would challenge most adults . Thanks!

      1. No word on these posts; However, appreciate your concern in the matter. We wish him the very best, as Alisa also directed him to the proper source for funding assistance. Best

      2. I echo what Yolanda said below, but I want to tell you how touched I am by your compassion. If you click on dowling101's name where highlighted, you should have the option to send a private message. Thanks and all the best to you! <3 Alisa

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