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Lung Cancer Twitter Chat

What is a Twitter Chat?

It's a bunch of people on twitter talking about a topic at the same time. You sort out the tweets you want to read by using the shared hashtag. For the lung cancer tweet chat (held every other Thursday at 8 pm Eastern time zone) we use #LCSM. You can also use the #LCSM anytime on twitter, facebook, instagram, and other social media to see the latest buzz about lung cancer.

This coming Thursday, March 9th, the topic will discuss tumor testing and targeted therapies for lung cancer. There is usually a broad audience that includes survivors, caregivers, oncologists, surgeons, nurses, and special guest experts. The LCSM team publishes 4 questions ahead of time, and the guest experts give their answers to the questions, and also address comments and questions from other participants. It moves pretty fast, but it's a lot of fun.

Here is the link to the next chat:

And if you're new to twitter chats, get started here:

Happy tweeting!


  1. I can attest that these Twitter chats are great - always something new to learn, and you get to hear directly from medical professionals as well as other patients, survivors, and caregivers. They are every other week. The next chat will be April 6, topic not yet snnounced.

    1. Next chat is this Thursday, April 4/20 8 pm EST. Joining is easy, open Twitter and search on #lcsm. This week's topic: "Online Cancer Education: Best Tools/Current Limitations". We'll be talking about finding trustworthy sources of information, what we need to know to review scientific articles, and the value of online groups. I suspect the issue of "fake news" may raise its head.

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