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Worried about results

I am waiting to see a dr about my ct scan results. I work in the medical field so I know medical terminology. One thing I have never seen before is Non threshold axillary and mediastinal lymph nodes. I don’t know what the term non threshold means, anyone heard this before?

  1. Interesting I'm not familiar with this term. Hopefully, someone else can pop in on their experience. Either way, I hope your doctor can break down the term with a better understanding. Wishing you the very best!

    1. I have not heard that term either, but I want to wish you well with your upcoming doctor's appointment. I was diagnosed 22 years ago, and my recent scan showed enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes also. They rescanned me 3 months later (2 weeks ago) and the mediastinal nodes were shrinking, so they believe it is inflammation and I am being closely monitored. Please feel free to follow up with us, we are here to share and support each other. Warmly, Alisa, Team

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