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In Memory of my Kelly Kayuk

Since diagnosis, I have been close to two different Kelly's. One I met at the very first Lungevity Event I went to, Kelly Kayuk. We could count on each other ever since. We both had the same mutation. Except, her medication stopped working for her. Mine didn't. I remember meeting her at the bar. I was skipping a class and she was sitting alone so I asked to join her. From that moment on we were inseparable for the first few Events. Although our paths went in different directions once she had to change treatments, we still kept in touch all of the time. She became more serious and I stayed the same. Unfortunately, her time ran out this week. It was very sudden. I can't imagine an event without her. I miss you Kelly. And I'll never forget the good times we had

  1. Thank you for posting about Kelly. She was a very special person and stayed optimistic throughout everything. She never wanted us to worry about her, I will cherish our friendship and always keep her close in heart.

    1. , Have you noticed that cancer has a way to connect patients? People need to be connected. Christine Moderator

      1. Yes. I’ve met the most amazing friends through our cancer network.

        1. I miss Kelly Kakuk so much, we were very close, I loved her! We chatted all the time and were making plans for us and our sons to go to Costa Rica together. I will never forget her either, she will stay with me forever. I laugh when I think of some of our shenanigans. I cry when I think of the loss.

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