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In Memory of Lizzie

I am really sad about the recent loss of a vibrant young member of the lung cancer community. Lizzie was just 27 years old when she passed. She was pregnant with her first child when she was diagnosed. She had never smoked, and was the picture of health. You can read the blog she kept of her journey with the link below. Stories like these are all too common. I have a many, many friends who have similar stories, who are managing to keep on breathing thanks to some of the awesome research and clinical trials going on, but until there are no more stories like Lizzie's, we have to keep pushing for more research, more funding, more awareness, better screening, and less stigma.

The world is poorer without you in it, Lizzie.


  1. I was honored to be able to go to her funeral, and represent the lung cancer community. She had a close and loving family, and hundreds of people turned out to celebrate her life.

    Chris Draft was also there.

    Her mother told us that the lung cancer community was as important to her as she was to us.


    1. Anita, thank you so much for taking that letter! I had a link posted here for that, but removed it late Friday night, when you were printing. It was so nice for the whole community to be able to feel like a part of it in that way, I'm so glad you did that! <3

      1. Thank you very much for putting up a link to the letter, Kimberly! It meant a lot to the family that our community was represented at the celebration of Lizzie's life.

        1. Such a wonderful woman and family. I was honored to meet them at the 2016 Lungevity HOPE Summit. Her passion for raising money for research was unprecedented. She was a miracle. My hope as an advocate is to do well to make her smile.

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