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Second Opinions

Have you had a second opinion at any point? Why or why not did you decide to? When did you go for a second opinion? What was your experience like?

  1. Hi all ... I was diagnosed almost 21 years ago, a few months after my Mom passed from lung cancer. The internet was just becoming familiar in households, there was email and AOL dialup, no real search sites yet so I had no where to turn. Because of my family history and the fact that no one in my family survived lung cancer, something told me to get a second opinion. The thoracic department at my first hospital recommended surgery and followup chemotherapy. My second opinion hospital recommended a different protocol, so that left me confused. I then seeked a third opinion hospital, which agreed with my first opinion, so I went ahead with the surgery and chemotherapy. Fast forward 21 years and I'm still stable. I am a big believer in second (or third, if necessary) opinions! ~ Alisa

    1. The second opinion in Canada is doing differently than the USA, at least from what I know. It's conducted in the same cancer centre. I questioned Is It a TRUE Second Opinion? I have everything ready when I need the second opinion, I'll have a second opinion in the USA. That's our life hanging on it.

      1. I started at a small local hospital and sought a second opinion from a bigger university. I have been with that oncologist for almost 7 years. I did seek a third opinion and did a clinical trial with a different oncologist for about one year.

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