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Have you experienced hearing loss from chemotherapy?

Hearing loss is a side effect from chemotherapy, but it can happen. If you are not very familiar with this rare side effect, you can read more here:

If you have experienced this before, tell us your story. If not, is there any other side effect you've experienced from chemotherapy that has been considered maybe not as common?

  1. I did lose hearing and I am getting ear infections

    1. that must be very uncomfortable and difficult for you. Is your doctor helping you with the infections? I really hope you can get relief soon. Jill, team

  2. yes for at least 4 years

    1. that must be frustrating for you. Does you doctor routinely check this for you? And have they been able to help you with hearing aides? Sending you lots of strength, this must be difficult. Jill, team

  3. Yes. I have constant ringing in my ears and have trouble hearing post chemo. I was treated with Cisplatin.

    1. that must be very frustrating. Did the cisplatin help? Jill, team

  4. Cisplatin was the chemo that caused hearing loss. No hearing aids. Just living with mild loss and constant ringing in my ears.

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