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Have you been diagnosed with SCLC?

What has your diagnosis / treatment experience been like?

  1. My husband is the patient. He was diagnosed at age 30 with EGFR+ NSCLC and was on targeted therapy for 2.5 years. Recently, his cancer transformed to SCLC and it is very upsetting. Like many lung cancer patients, he never smoked and 3 years out from diagnosis, it is still hard for me to accept that this is our life. He has some shortness of breath now and a recurring pleural effusion. He is on a chemo/immunotherapy combination right now. I pray for more available and effective treatments 🙏

    1. Hi Meesh! I am so sorry to hear this. I have not experienced what you are going through but I understand it. Please keep us updated and let us know if there is anything that you need to talk about. I believe that I have you on my Facebook, please reach out at any time. I am all ears! Best, Diane - moderator

  2. Yes, I was diagnosed with sclc November 2020. I’ve been doing immunotherapy & chemotherapy & whole brain radiation. I’m so blessed to have UAB in Birmingham,Al! Great people! I’m bout to do a clinical trial! Praying for a miracle!🙏🏻❤️

    1. Praying along with you! ~ Alisa

    2. may I ask which clinical trial you are starting?

  3. I’ve qualified for 2. Not sure which one yet!

    1. I have terminal small cell. Diagnosed 4 months ago. I have a lot of pain and am too weak from chemo to do anything. I can see myself becoming a narcotics addict as it's the only thing that makes me feel ok. I use edibles which are great for my appetite. But doesn't help with pain and the depression that comes from being alone most of the time. Not doing anything and knowing it's not going to get better over time. Lost my voice. Text everything now. I just sit and read or watch videos all day. Day after day. Depression can be consuming. Sorry but this isn't an uplifting post.

      1. I'm sorry you are in such pain. If you are in a legal state, perhaps talk to your pharmacist and ask what strain would work best for pain (assuming your oncologist confirms no interactions with treatment). Do you belong to any online support groups (messengering, so you can type), I can suggest some if you'd like. Did the doctor say your voice will come back in time? No apologies necessary, we have our bad days and depressing can be consuming like you said. Thinking of you, Alisa, Team

      2. yes please. Would really appreciate that

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