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Genetic Testing, Biomarkers and Options

I was diagnosed with NSCLC in January of 2016. No genetic testing was done as I was told my lungs would not permit me to survive surgery. I was treated with Chemo-Radiation then, and just recently underwent a bronchoscopy, but they were unable to gather enough material from a recurrent lesion in my upper right hilar region. What panels, genetic or biomarker testing is available now that wasn't in 2016? What treatments are new since then?

  1. Hi , there have been so many advances since 2016 in lung cancer treatments I wouldn't know where to begin. I am attaching a link to one of our community pages with various articles regarding biomarker testing. I hope it helps. Was liquid biopsy around in 2016? Since your doctor cannot get a tissue sample for biomarker testing, which is usually first choice, you can ask your doctor to request a liquid biopsy through Foundation One or Guardant 360, I suggest discussing that. Please let us know how it goes. All the best, Alisa, Team

    1. Thank you for those suggestions! We all have to advocate strongly for ourselves. I appreciate these suggestions.

      1. Hi this article also has some more information from an advocate who had biomarker testing almost 6 years ago on new findings since then - as Alisa mentioned always feel free to ask your doctor if there are more mutations that may be tested for now, or any other tests you have not had or that have changed! Keep us updated. Thinking of you. Best, Margot, Team

      2. , It looks like your lung cancer is not at the advanced stage (stage 4). You can surely do the biomarker testing to know what kind of biomarkers you have. The biomarkers will decide your treatment options for advanced-stage 4 lung cancer. It would be the best if you asked your oncologist.

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