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Family Support

How has your family supported you through your lung cancer journey? Are there ways they could better support you?

  1. I'm a single mom of twin boys and they are there for me in general and after my surgeries were there for me physically. I feel they do the best they know how to under the circumstances. It is not easy for loved ones, they hide their fear. ~ Alisa

    1. My family are always offering help but those offers of help never materialize. After my wife`s lung surgery she tired easily. She is 78 years old and I am 89. and there is so much information about treatments and facilities that I need to research that at times it is overwhelming. but with the Good Lord`s help we will manage.

      1. I'm sorry you are not getting the help that was offered. Are you interested in any support virtual zoom meetings with other survivors and health professionals? They are a wealth of information and support. Also, there is one-to-one mentoring if you think that would help. Please let me know if you would like links to these services. Wishing you and your wife all the best, know we are here for you both. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    2. Thanks For your caring offer. Today We received a response from a proton particle beam therapy provider we have been waiting for and have scheduled a consultation in two weeks. They are the premier providers here in Southern California and we are hopeful and confident that everything will workout. I have also received offers of help from some of my good neighbors. I believe the Good Lord has extended His helping hands to us. I will keep your gracious and kind offer of help in mind and will not hesitate to call if the need arises. Again thank for your gracious offer. It makes us feel soooo much better to know that You and so many wonderful people are there and we are not alone.!!!!!!!! God bless you, God bless You all.

      1. I am so glad to hear this. I am happy you have a consultation coming up and you have help from neighbors. You are not alone! We are so glad you are a part of our community. Jill, team member

      2. Hi , I am so pleased to hear you have a consultation for proton therapy. Please follow up with us and let us know how the appointment goes. Sending warmest wishes and God bless you, too! ~ Alisa

    3. Jill & Alisa. My wife and I thank You both for your for caring wishes and regards. We will definitely keep you informed of our progress. May the Lord bless You both, May He be forever by Your side.!!!!!!

      1. Will be looking for updates and keeping you both close in prayer. Warmest wishes, Alisa

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