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Cancer Spreading

My Mom, who is 81, was diagnosed with lung cancer in August. She had 10 treatments of radiation. We had a pet scan in early December. The docs said the cancer was non-aggressive and we should just enjoy time. But then Mom started getting weak. We did not realize until January but she was having fluid on her lungs and on her heart.. She had that drained. We had to wait 6 weeks after the surgery for a pet scan to check on the cancer. Now it seems to have exploded. We had the pet scan and then went to the stat clinic. We got told that the cancer has spread to the liver, more lymph nodes and more of the lung. Basically they said she was terminal to go home and call hospice. It just seemed so crazy that it just exploded. Has anyone else had this same thing? I was dumb founded

  1. Dear phosea0608,

    I am so sorry to hear of your mom's recent metastasis. Lung Cancer is so unpredictable and your mom is very lucky to have you as her support system during this journey. Has she gotten a 2nd opinion? And, more importantly, did they do genetic testing on her tumor? I know you have a lot going through your mind right now but I will list a link below for information on lung cancer treatment that will help you when speaking to her doctors. Please keep us up to date.

    1. Thank you!!!!!! I will ask about the genetic testing. They told me that since it was in the liver, lungs and lymph nodes it is too many places to radiate. Not sure Mom is up to getting a second opinion. I had a message into the oncologist to talk to him. When we got the news that the cancer had spread it was at the cancer clinic. The radiologist spoke to us but not the oncologist. The last thing he said in his office was we would see him at the clinic. The office called today but I missed it this afternoon so I have got to call them again. Hospice/Palliative care has been set up. I am going to my first support group tomorrow.

      1. Hi phosea0608,

        Thank you for your reply! Support groups can be very helpful. We're thinking of you and your mom wishing you the best. Please know that we and the community are here for you.

        Margot, Team

    2. Dear phosea0608, they told me in January of 2016 I had lung cancer. I had my left lung removed and they said they got it all. Went through 16 weeks of chemo just for a little more insurance it wouldn't come back! Had my next cat scan in march of 2017 and yes, so shocked it came back in a couple places. I was totally shocked! They came out with a immunotherapy called Keytruda and so far I have been doing well! There are so many new treatments getting FDA approved for lung cancer! I am so sorry to here about your mom not feeling well and very weak! That's exactly how I felt when mine came back but didn't know it was the cancer returning! Sending prayers to you and your mom!

      1. Thank you Annie777 for your story. It is definitely an exciting time in the Lung Cancer community to see all of the new treatments and trials coming out! Every patient is different and will respond to different treatments! It's wonderful to hear stories like yours! We wish you the best! Please keep us updated on your journey! xoxo

    3. Phosea0608, I to have lung cancer nsclc just diagnosed June 25th my anniversary. I to am doing keytruda. Just had first treatment. Would be awesome to talk and see how we both do. I wish you the best with it...positive thinking.

      1. Hi TinaH,
        I'm sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Thank you for sharing with us here! I hope your treatment works well for you! Please keep us updated with how you're doing if you'd like. We're thinking of you!
        Christina, Team

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