Community Views: Lung Cancer Will Not Stop Me

A cancer diagnosis alters your reality. Part of you is always aware of your cancer or fears its recurrence. It is that uneasy thought lingering in the back of your mind. Yet, lung cancer does not define your life. After a period of adjustment, life continues. Lung cancer will not hold you back.

We wanted to hear about how you stay determined, so we turned to the Facebook page. There, we prompted community members: “Fill in the blank: I won’t let my lung cancer get in the way of ___.”

You continue flourishing despite the shadow cancer sometimes casts. Here is a look at the inspiring responses from community members.


So many of you responded to this prompt with variations on living life. Lung cancer will not sideline you. It will not keep you from enjoying life. You continue engaging in opportunities as they arise. Lung cancer is a part of you, but you will not let it define you.

“Living my life to the fullest.”

“Life. It’s too short to waste it on cancer.”

“Living and enjoying life!”

“Who I am!”

Dreams and goals

Many of you shared the goals and dreams you continue chasing. You refuse to give up on what you want to do because you have lung cancer. You plan to see grandchildren born, travel, and enjoy hobbies. You have a bucket list of things to check off! You are determined to fill your life with things that delight you.

“Becoming a grandma someday.”

“What I need to accomplish.”

“Taking my around-the-world trip and returning to Paris!!”

“Living and working on my bucket list.”


A lung cancer diagnosis helps you focus on what is important. You want to spend time loving and appreciating your family and friends. You do not let lung cancer stand in the way of making memories with loved ones. You refuse to become bitter and resentful. Your relationships with those who love and support you are too essential.

“Living and doing for my family.”

“Working, which ultimately lets me provide for my family.”

“Loving God, living my life, and loving family and friends.”

“How I treat my loved ones.”


Lung cancer will not steal your joy! You shared your commitment to bring happiness and fun into your days. You continue activities that make you smile and laugh. You find pleasure in life. You tend gardens, knit blankets, enjoy a glass of wine, and watch the sunset.

“My having fun.”

“Hoop dance every day. Family. Gardening.”

“Being happy.”

It was our joy to hear the many ways you live and thrive with lung cancer. You shared 2 concluding thoughts: maintaining hope and feeling grateful. You focus on the positives. Your lives are much bigger than lung cancer.

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