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  • By cloezz

    Have really bad odema in feet and hands. Due to tumour. Any ideas of what can help.

  • By Des-Tiny

    I had edema in my legs/ankles and feet but not in hands. They said it was from the steroids that they give with the chemo. My daughter got me some miracle copper compression socks and they are wonderful. I also propped up my feet as much as I could when not working. I just had my 3rd chemo treatment and no edema.

  • By Jeffrey Poehlmann Moderator

    Check with your doctor if you are having swelling. Depending on the cause, you might be prescribed diuretics. Sometimes it is easier to and safer to drain the excess fluid simply by elevating your limbs above the level of your heart — lie on your back and raise the legs on some pillows, for instance. This creates a situation where your heart recognizes the pressure change and the kidneys are signaled to drain excess fluid. Compression socks can help with the pain caused by edema, as well.

    This does not constitute medical advice — I am not a doctor. Please consult with your doctor before making any sudden changes to your routine.

    Best of luck –
    Jeffrey, team member