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Hi, unfortunately I have Lung Cancer which totally rocked my world. Had a heart attack 04/28/2016 sent by ambulance to larger hospital in Des Moines IA. Drs performed angioplasty but couldn't find any changes came up with conclusion I had a severe possible anxiety attack. Bad news was they found a spot on right upper quadrant, on with numerous trips to the big city. Results June 2, 2016 diagnosed with Lung Cancer. August 16,2016 I had lobectomy. Oh my God wish thoracic surgeon would have explained before I attempted this. Pain was 10+ for good 6 months and still at a 7 but family Dr. will not increase medication because it is a very abused narcotic. Have tried several other but if only they would realize difference between 61 y/o person in pain other than those who abuse medication, which I realize we too have a problem with some of us elderly abuse hydrocodone. First CT was good, 2 CT found a small spot in lower left lung, biopsy showed not cancer yet and it's growing so will monitor next year of CT's. I rarely moved for 8 months due to pain of lobectomy so my body has broke down quite a bit. I had chronic pain prior to along with lots of other damage to body. Colon resectioning due to embolism in 2000. Vertical banded gastroplasty in 1982 with no rewards out drank with diet soda. Damage to esophagus lining of stomach from throwing up 33 yrs. With diagnosis of cancer severe depression due to loss of sister who was physically challenged in January 2017. Family really didn't accept or respect elders as we did through our bringing up. So I am facing with help of ex-husband and friends, this is just sad when I realize the road ahead. But with my prayers to my creator and these little internet sites I am learning coping skills and thankful for today I am in better acceptance but for a while I really wasn't going to even try to fight, but now have came to conclusion my grandchildren may have grandma hopefully till they graduate high school. Each day is a struggle but with help of my best friend I AM TRYING!!!!

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