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Solved My Water Retention Problem

I was diagnosed at age 56 with stage IV NSCLC in Oct 2013. Yes, I’m still here and going strong. After 2 yrs of IV chemo, I was able to go on a targeted therapy drug called Xalkori (crizotinib). What a difference it makes to take 2 pills a day instead of going for IV chemo every 3 weeks.

I have been extremely lucky and have few complaints. The one major side effect I have had is swelling in my hands, calves, and ankles. It makes me miserable and I’ve tried everything from weight loss to water pills to lots of exercise. Nothing has worked.

Finally, I have solved this problem by going on a very low carb diet of maybe 40-50 grams/day. It’s actually the Atkins diet which is as old as I am I think. I have lost some weight but even better I have virtually no water retention. If you are experiencing this problem haven’t tried this you might want to do so.

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  • jenniferroseolson
    8 months ago

    I wear compression socks all day every day, but as the weather heats up, this is becoming more annoying. Thanks for the tip. I have to eliminate gluten from my diet, but fully eliminating carbohydrates would still be so tricky. I’m glad you have found something that is working!

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