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It Took a Truck Accident

Six years ago I was involved in a head on truck accident. Hurt my knees, back and neck. X-rays than an MRI showed growths on my thyroid, that’s it. Doctor had to break my chops to go ENT about the thyroid. Mind you I hate doctors (haven’t seen one in twenty five years). So I finally go, test after test. Setting up for operation. My doctor asked me aside from my thyroid how do I feel (this is six months after the accident). I tell her I’m fine except for a sharp pain in my chest. Right away they check my heart, nothing. They send me for x-rays down in the emergency room. Waiting there the em doctor walks past me and says you have a 3×3 spot on your left lung and keeps walking. I’ll never forget it. I stood up and yelled, “you have a funny way of telling someone they have cancer!” But little did I know the the next few weeks would start my new life. In the last five years my left lung than a piece of my brain. It came back two more times. Radiation therapy, now one more time. This time it’s in my right lung. Really nothing left but chemo. I’m doing everything they say with really no questions. God bless a truck accident.

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  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    10 months ago

    It’s unfortunate how many find out they have a lifelong ailment. There’s something to be said for the many who keep up with doctors appointments and testing and still are not privy until something else happens, that they actually have cancer. it’s very unfortunate and doesn’t make sense. I’m very happy they found yours later than not at all, and it shouldn’t have taken a truck accident to be enlightened either. Sorry.

  • Brenda6501
    10 months ago

    Hi everyone well my story is a miracle story i was a active addict when i found out and so blessed to b here and almost 4 years clean well anyway here goes i overdosed in summer 2014 son was giving me CPR he broke 3 ribs in process so i suffered a few days went back to ER they did xray making sure it was not puncturing my lung well thats when they told me i had cancer on rt. lower lung he said without any further test he knew and said its89 percent cancer ma’am it was like somebody hit me so hard in my stomach just took my breath hope u like my story well i had radation so far i am good was going 4 ct scans every 6 months now its once a year that’s a blessing god bless you all

  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    9 months ago

    @brenda6501 – So sorry to hear of your plight. I’m happy they caught this cancer despite harsh circumstances leading to finding it. This is great your current scans are looking promising. May you continue receiving great reads in your development. Please keep us informed how you’re doing. Best!

  • KateK
    10 months ago

    Your story kind of reminds me of mine. I had what was supposed to be a simple operation that went south real fast, but I thank god every day that the surgeon almost killed me. If not for him my lung cancers would not have been found until they had spread.

  • PeteConaty author
    10 months ago

    Scary what life brings you. But I do wonder sometimes if that accident brought out the cancer.

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