Doctors Assumed My Mom Had Lung Cancer

Last updated: November 2020

The stigma killed my mom. My 77-year-old mom smoked. Didn’t go to doctors. Got a stomach flu type thing, went to the ER.

Doctors assumed lung cancer

There doctors decided she had lung cancer that might have spread and was causing this severe vomiting (now of blood). That it must have spread from a small shadow on her lungs to her stomach.

They gave her morphine and expected her to pass away. I’m telling them she was fine 3 days ago! This is not lung cancer! But by now she’s in a morphine coma. Too late they find septicemia and bacterial toxic shock has caused her illness. They could have saved her with the correct antibiotics given in time. Instead they let their smoking bias cloud their judgment making an erroneous diagnosis with the wrong treatment. I will be forever angry.

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