It was lung cancer

Went to ER, felt like I couldn't breathe. It was bronchitis. However, the doctor said there was a small mass in my upper right lung.

Long story short, in a matter of 5 weeks, had a PET scan light up. Biopsy came back positive, mediastinoscope lymph nodes came back negative.

Surgery on September 6th, had upper right lung removed they used a vats robotics. I am so far cancer-free. They caught it early, non-small cell lung cancer stage 1.

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Fear, hope, and education

Then five to six weeks that were the scariest weeks of my life. My dad died of this beast. It spread fast and took his life quick. I thought my life was a death sentence too.

With all the new technology and medicine being discovered we have hope. I was blessed so far. I still have pain and numbness it reminds me to breathe and enjoy life. Never give up hope and educate people. This beast does not care if you smoked or not, it can form in any part of your body, even lungs of non-smokers.

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