I wanted to share my story thus far with all of you. I was diagnosed with stage 3a inoperable nsclc on Good Friday of this year. What a pill to swallow. I took a deep breath asking my Doctor if this was a death sentence. He responded by saying, I didn’t say that! He then said we will get you to remission . I had 35 targeted radiation therapies and 9 chemo infusions. No real side effects except losing my hair. I have peach fuzz now. At the end of July I had a pet scan and was surprised and shocked to hear that I am in complete remission, no evidence of disease. I am now going thru immunotherapy with Imfinzi every two weeks. I still wake up in a full anxiety mode with a pit in my stomach. I will have another scan in two months to make sure things are where they should be. I will say that along with conventional medicines I use CBD oil, I eat correctly, exercise and had a few sessions with a Shaman. I did what I had to do for me. I know others may laugh and I understand but I did and will do what I have to for me and my piece of mind. I live in fear every day that the cancer will come back with a vengeance but I keep strong with laughter, love, a most importantly a positive outlook. Find the strength and carry on ❤️

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