Glad to Be Alive but Hate the Side Effects

My lung cancer was non-small cell stage 1. I was treated with radiation for another cancer and it was to help shrink this cancer also. It did, but not enough.

The difficulty of side effects

I had a lobe of my lung removed. I'm lucky to be alive. But the side effects are worse than the cancer.

I live with lymphedema in my legs every day and it affects my walking - you have to use a cane or a walker. You don't want to fall because if you do you have to have help in getting off of the floor.

The next one was the heightening of my smell towards chemicals and pollution in the environment. Cold weather and the use of A/C during the summer I have to wear a warm hat and winter tops so I'm not in pain from the cold. The last one is you tend to get early stages of pneumonia in your lungs when you think you have a cold.

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