A Shocking Diagnosis

On Labor Day, 2016, called my daughter so she could take me to see the doctor, as I wasn't feeling too good. She came with my granddaughter and after a few minutes said they were going to call the ambulance because I was slurring my speech...come to find out I was having a mild stroke. After three days in the hospital and three weeks in therapy I went for a check-up with my doctor. She in-turn sent me to a doctor in the next town, a specialist. She didn't tell me for what tho. I met with the doctor and after check me, etc... said that I have stage 4 lung and breast cancer !!!!!!!!!! What a shock! I, along with my two daughters decided that I would be treated with Keytruda every three weeks and with every test that they would suggest - CT Scans, Lab Tests, etc.- I'm going to have my 9th injection this coming Friday and so far everything is going good. I haven't had any after effects except for being tired all the time. If I didn't have that stroke I would never have found out about the cancer until it was too late because I was one that didn't run to the doctor all the time. God works in mysterious ways.

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