The Shock of My Life

Chronic pain

I have been in chronic pain for over 5 years due to a mistake in the OR. I got MRSA in my spine. It was horrible and I almost died. I have bars and screws holding my spine together. Since this happened during the beginning of the opiate epidemic, I quickly ran out of options for pain control, so I did the best I could without medical intervention.

Small cell lung cancer

In April, those rods broke and had to be replaced. Within a month of my surgery, I lost the vision in my eye. I thought I had a torn retina. It was metastasizedsmall cell lung cancer, and it had already spread to my lymph nodes, bones, brain, and if course, lungs.


I believe without being stigmatized for having chronic pain, my cancer would have been found earlier.
Pain is the first sign of bone cancer, but when doctors don't believe you, people die terrible deaths. It makes me very angry.

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